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For more than a century, Downtown Pittsburgh has been one of America’s great centers of business. Now, after an infusion of more than $5.2 billion in new investment since 2006, Downtown’s business environment is thriving more than ever before.

Major corporations place Downtown Pittsburgh in the nation’s top ten for headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, but being Downtown provides important advantages for smaller businesses, too. Downtown Pittsburgh is home to some of the most innovative start-up companies in the country, including those from Pittsburgh’s vital technology sector.

The geographic center of the region, Downtown is easily accessible, with a variety of transportation options. It also has more than 30-million square feet of office space with highly competitive rental rates. An eclectic mix of architecture, from meticulously restored historic structures to the latest in contemporary design, allows a business to find a space that perfectly suits its personality.

One of the significant perks of locating a business Downtown is an intangible: Prestige. By being Downtown, a business is among the economic leaders in the Pittsburgh region, in the center of the action, at the center of opportunity.

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