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Alternative Modes of Transportation

No car? No problem! There're plenty of ways to get Downtown if you are without a vehicle. You can take public transit, ride a bike, share a carpool or vanpool ride, even walk. Below are some of the ways you can get here when your own set of wheels aren't an option. Offers Travel Options

If you’re not sure what “alternative modes of transportation” means, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has just the website for you. is a one-stop resource for exploring alternative commuting options in the state, including walking, transit, biking and carpooling. The site provides information on public transportation in each county, as well as area bicycle routes.

Ridesharing: Commute Info

Nearer to home, CommuteInfo, a program of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, offers southwestern Pennsylvanians information on ridesharing programs in our region.  “Ridesharing”, defined as carpooling or vanpooling, involves a vehicle carrying additional passengers with minimal additional mileage when making a trip, particularly when going to work.

CommuteInfo offers tips to potential commuters on available transportation options such as regional transit operators and has listings of carpooling, vanpooling and bikepooling commuters in southwestern Pennsylvania. Looking for a Park and Ride facility? Check out this cool interactive map on the CommuteInfo Website. 

Bike-sharing: Healthy Ride

Healthy Bikes, Pittsburgh’s bikeshare program, gives you an option of riding in Downtown and other select neighborhoods without using your own bike.  Click here to find out more about Healthy Ride.



Carsharing: Zipcar

Want to avoid the costs and hassles of car ownership but have available when you need it? If so, carsharing may be for you! Zipcar is an efficient and easy way for city-goers to get around town. You can take the car for a joy ride through the streets of the ‘burgh or use it for more serious, business matters. And, you can even keep the car overnight!

Become a member and see how easy it is to use: online reservations, easy zipcard access to vehicles, and a low hourly rate that includes the cost of gas and insurance. 


WalkPittsburgh, an informational website focused on all things related to walking in the Pittsburgh area, provides resources and support to encourage walking as a commuting option, improve pedestrian safety, and communicate the health and economic benefits of walking.  WalkPittsburgh is easy to use and free to participate in.  Register online at  You can then track your walking by downloading a free app for Iphone or Android or by manually entering your steps online.

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