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"My husband and I moved from Boston to Pittsburgh in 2000 to launch AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District.  Wanting to be close to our business, we were drawn to The Pennsylvanian for downtown living and the opportunity to be a part of the growing vitality of the arts and restaurant scene that was about to explode in the area.

At The Pennsylvanian, we have a very unique, historic space to call home—it features dramatic 18-foot ceilings, stunning crown moldings, and gleaming hardwood floors and mahogany paneling. What’s the best part? We’re just steps away from hearing a world-class symphony concert, watching a Broadway show, dining at any number of wonderful restaurants, cheering on a professional sports team, and biking breathtaking trails along the three rivers.

Having lived in other major metropolitan areas in urban settings, we think Pittsburgh is a real jewel—and so do our friends who come to visit us. One of my greatest pleasures is working out with my trainer near the stadiums along the water, with the backdrop of our beautiful city. We love living downtown and couldn't imagine being in the suburbs."  – Clare Meehan calls the Pennsylvanian home

“Downtown Pittsburgh is right now in the midst of the most impressive renaissance I have ever witnessed.  It is so exciting and I am so hopeful about this City's future that I am in the process of trying to open a hardware store down here.  I see nothing but good coming our way and am delighted to live right here in the heart of it all and be a part of the new retail, art, and community scene I see unfolding.  I attribute much of Pittsburgh's rebirth to the hard work of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and the conscious decision of our mayor to make Downtown Pittsburgh a safe and clean place for people to live, work and play 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  I am truly proud to be a Downtowner and invite others to come down here and give it a try!” – Donna Clayfisher calls a loft on 900 Liberty Ave home

“Downtown is like its own little neighborhood.  Once the business crowd leaves in the evening, downtown has a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere- where everyone says hi when you pass on the sidewalk.  There are so many great things about living downtown, but my favorite thing is being able to walk to everything - whether it be going to The Point to read a book, to a show at the Benedum, dinner at one of the restaurants around town, or over to a Steelers game - everything is less than a 10 minute walk - and I don't need to worry about traffic or parking to do any of these things.  It's great being in the hub of so many great activities. ” – Jennifer Funovitz calls Market Square Place home

“Life is much better with the 10 hours a week you get back by not fighting traffic on both sides of the Squirrel Hill tunnel everyday.  If you are from Pittsburgh and immediately picture downtown Pittsburgh circa 1983, you need to stop.  Pittsburgh is going through an amazing renaissance.  As a transplant, I can't for the life of me understand why Pittsburghers think living in the city is so strange and ignorant. ” – Todd Kilgore calls Encore home

"I grew up in Squirrel hill and have lived my entire life in Pittsburgh.  I have always worked in Downtown Pittsburgh and even went to business school Downtown after high school.  When life handed me a set of circumstances beyond my control, I thought, why not live where I work without any worries about commuting or yard work? I had always been intrigued about living Downtown and could see myself doing it. I live in Gateway Towers with my cat, Sassy.  Living and working  Downtown (at Estate Administration as a Paralegal) has freed me from owning a car.  I love the fact that I am home from an event before most people are out of the parking garage!" -- Lisa Simon calls Gateway Towers home

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