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Kudos to the Clean Team!

The PDP Clean Team does an exceptional job keeping Downtown clean and beautiful and their work never goes unnoticed. 


Below are some testimonials we've received from Downtown business managers, residents and workers who've shared their words of praise for the Clean Team:

Cathy Ryan, Herrmann Furs

"When I see the gentlemen on the clean team I always make an effort to let them know what a good job they are doing. Since the inception of the clean team, the city is certainly looking a lot nicer, which I feel is important to a city that has as many visitors as Pittsburgh.  The gentleman who is assigned to Smithfield Street, Mr. Curtis Pinkney, is a perfect example of someone you want out with the public. Curtis and I exchange greetings almost every morning at 7:30, he always remembers my name, is always very pleasant, and it shows that he takes pride in his work.  Thank you PDP!"

Frederic B. Sargent, Sargent Electric Company
"Countless times over 30 years I have walked through the pedestrian tunnel that passes under Macy’s. Yesterday I was struck but how clean it is today, versus the way I remember it having been for so long in the past.  As I reached the end, I ran into Curtis Pinkney from your staff. When I remarked to him about how good things look, in a most courteous way he identified himself and thanked me for mentioning it. I got your number from him so that I could call to comment.  In addition to doing a good job keeping the area looking good, he represents your organization—and our City—well in how he deals with people. I’m a lifelong Pittsburgher accustomed to hometown friendliness. Imagine how a visitor from out-of-town would have been impressed by his manner!  I hope you’ll let him know that what he does is appreciated."

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